Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pressed Flowers

Pressed Flowers are beautiful. I like placing them inside of my books in randoms pages so then when I open them it is a sweet surprise. Finding flowers anywhere is lovely. If I could, I would have a garden.

*first four images are flickr sourced so click the links

pressed memories

wicked lovely

Pressed flower print of Hydrangeas

Pressed Flower.


  1. oh you found lovely pictures of pressed flowers. I like to press them to between my books about plants : ) and it is always a supris to find them back in between them .

    1. thank you! i tried to find as many as i could with photo credits, and i love to do that too! <3

  2. Such inspiring pictures you have found. I have a little map in my computer called Flowers where I will save these pictures :) I have this wish to make my own pressed flowers.

  3. I adore pressed flowers. This images are lovely, very inspiring!