Thursday, August 30, 2012

Summertime Living

I want night-time bonfires underneath star spilled skies, the smell of smoke trailing through the wind, the flickering of fire like candlelight, cedars surrounding me. I could live in the trees, study the anatomy of the leaves, listen to the chorus of animals and observe their patterns.

But, deterring from that dream, this summer so far was beautiful,. nights spent watching old films, knitting whilst wearing silk shorts to evade the heat, a few summer rains but many ginger-ales, the leisure of awaking at noon, many spoonfuls of raw honey and maple syrup consumed. sea salt caramel, coconut water. feathers and pressed rose petals within thick books, dreams of sailing ships with silver bells and siren songs. heavy lidded eyes are luring me back to sleep

Some photos of my summer via my Instagram


  1. Everything you post is so, so beautiful.

  2. i can't the describe my feeling while i was reading this. and then... looking at this amazing photos. just like you were saying excat the same thing i was keeping in my mind.
    love your blog, although i've just found it, just love it so so much! <3
    Stop Whispering