Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Inspiration in these beautiful videos, dreamlike imagery and haunting lullabies. What are yout favorite videos? Sometimes I spend all day watching magical videos like these because its like watching a dream unfold right in front of you., capturing the perfect mood or vibe.a

1. Pamela Love's SS13 "Maia Collection" fashion film starring Crystal Renn with music by Devendra Banhart No words really. I think this is my favorite fashion video ever. I want to live within this dream realm. And those jewels!

2. Antlers, crystals and the forest From 2011 but LittleDoe is always inspiring. Why am I being drawn to summer?

3. Witches, girlfriends and late night love-spells Wildfox

4. Witches, the ocean, haunted doll like femmes. Lula


  1. One of my fav video last year was from Lana Del Rey with the song Ride http://vimeo.com/51358084

  2. That Lula video is one of my favorite videos ever! I've always loved this video by Gemma Booth as well: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OrvcosZ-tH8.