Thursday, February 21, 2013

Interview / Belle Fleur de Lis

Several months ago I wrote about the lovely Lotte's blog. She is a wonderful crocheter and lacemaker and I recently reached out to her for a  little interview. Any glance at her designs and blog make you fall in love with the pastel/minimalism signature that is purely hers. She so kindly answered a few questions and you should keep your eye out for her upcoming designs because I truly believe in supporting handmade goods such as herself. Lotte's blog shop flickr 


Hello my name is Lotte and I live in a town nearby Antwerp in Belgium. I love Antwerp very much, when I visited aswell as other cities, I am always happy to be back in Antwerp again. There is a kind of atmosphere up there that I only experience...even just a little moment or action that is going on on the street or when you see someone just walking b can give me that feeling where it's all about and what makes me love this city.There are many nice cafes to discover, the botanical garden is certainly a place you have to see when you visit Antwerp and there is also a place hiding in a attic somewhere where you can visit a Lace-maker . When I am old I want to spend my time in a place like that as well, it's wonderful...

As a child I learned to crochet on the age of 7 years and already crocheted little pencil cases, I can remember I was very proud of myself. My mother learned me the basic stitches for knitting but very fast I noticed I love crochet more. I went to art school and it was a search of figuring out how I wanted to express myself.

Currently I am working on a crocheted cushion series and working out a design for crocheted grocery or marketbags and little crocheted hanging-bags that you can hang up in your kitchen to storage fruit in or vegetables. More about this plans I Will show on my blog soon.


I always find it difficult to explain something in words and starting with my blog made it a bit easier, but maybe you notice here and there that the messages I write down are not full of clearness about what I want to tell, and that my pictures say more instead the words I write down. My blog became a collection of the things I, plants, crochet, bobbin-lace and just the little things that I love in life..for years I knew I wanted to follow a Lace education and I am happy I took the step to Lace school almost two years ago. I also followed a florist education some years ago and my dream is actually that I can work as a florist again one day and combine it with being a professional lacemaker, working on projects (and hopefully I can teach others this beautiful technique/handcraft) and being a crocheter...This is how I'd like to see myself in 5 years...

My work schedule depends on how I feel ..if I have a good day I can do more..if I have a bad period then I can have days I can't do anything, it all depends on how the symptoms of my health problem pop-up from one moment to an other but..

I try to live in a calm way, and take my days as they come. The things that can really cheers me up or heal me in a way are meeting up with a friend and having a good talk, drinking a cup of tea or coffee, seeing family, taking care of my plants or to buy some flowers enjoying them for as long as i can and then drying them, working on my projects, going to lace school and the moment my dear boyfriend returns home from work...and just being IN LOVE


Inspiration There are so many people out there who can be and inspiring...but actually the place where I get my inspiration is here in my inside garden-atelier. Most of my ideas and inspiration comes from here...I always liked light pastel colors and my working place is also very white and bright and I like to work with light colors, I don't think I need much to get inspiration when I have it all around me in my little atelier, even just a flower that I place on my table can be my biggest inspiration for a long period and this can connect again with everything else in my little atelier and also, I just follow my heart...

My piece of advice: "Try to do what you love to do, follow your heart "

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