Thursday, March 14, 2013

Creation Process / Musings

Nature is a constant fixture when I create a piece of artwork. Whether it be animals, branches of trees, flora, - nature is always inspiring me. My dream & eventual goal is to move where the trees run for miles, a creek is only a walk away, Birds in singing to the morning sky and a family of deer nearby. There is a solitude in nature that is always welcoming and a beauty that rivals no other.

I was born, raised, and bloomed in the city. But I have always been an introvert, surrounding myself with fresh flowers, potted plants and herbs, painting the bounty of earthly embodiment. My heart focuses on the old Greek and Norse myths my father would read me as a child that primarily took place in nature, books of poetry and idyllic images of fairies and gardens, classic fairytales that lead me to become a constant daydreamer. In school I would wander off underneath the trees with books I checked out from the library. My father would bring wounded or lost animals home. Sometimes lost dogs until we found their owners, several times birds that might have fallen from the tree - their injured wings. I remember being allowed to feed them water with a little dropper, feeling awe that I could ease its thirst. Once healed we sent them back into the wild. Early in childhood I was surrounded with animals, taught to respect them and understand them.

In nature there is forgiveness, there is health, and beauty. I believe in revering nature and taking care of our surroundings, We are lucky to have trees that supply us with oxygen, harvesting plants that we can use for health and growth. There is a balance and everyday I work to achieve that similar balance, observance and every artist has their own path and inspiration. Perhaps for me, I merely paint and create dreams of a paradise I wish to walk in. An expression and extension of what makes me happy. When I think about it, nature is magic. Looking at the anatomy of birds and animals, the plumage of feathers, the structure of flora and growth of the bud, its all an alchemical magic I want to envelope myself in.

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  1. Your blog is always so perfect! The wat you describe things and how you see things! I wish I was that creative and positive! Your paintings are also stunning! What kind of tools do you use for them?