Monday, March 11, 2013

Interview / Keri Anne of Gingerlillytea

When I got an instagram last year, one of the people I was very lucky to get to know is Keri Anne, the photographer mother extraordinaire behind the blog and shop Gingerlillytea. I actually used to follow her blog a long time ago and glad she is back entertaining us with her pretty photos, DIYs, and anecdotes of a mother in love living in magical England. She so graciously granted me an interview about what inspires her and what she's up to. I feel blessed whenever a friend or the like opens up to this little interviews. I think its nice to open up and share about themselves and offer an insight into what they do and how they live. See her blog

Hello, my name is Keri-Anne. I am a wife, mama and dreamer. I am a story teller. I blog and i photograph. I spend my days on adventures with my two daughters. We love building forts and playing dress up and walking by the river.
I am currently working on photographing a fairy series. I shall be finishing this series in the summer and ending with a short film which i am excited about. This will be my first short film.

My love of photography came from my own mind. I believe i was born to be a painter but i cannot draw for the life of me. I see images in my head that i wish i could just transform onto paper so, instead, i photograph the images i see. I tell stories through my work and try and bring an innocence to them.
I am a blogger so my work schedule is mostly blogging, creating DIY's and organizing my blog week. I can only open the laptop in the evening once the girls are in bed so i am normally up quite late getting everything done.

As a mother my lifestyle is all about creating memories with the girls. During the day, one of the girls will always want me to do something with them or help them with something. I am normally found lying on Elle's bedroom floor having a teaparty or taking them on little outings.
I call my daughters my fairies. They are so perfect to me and i can't even describe the love i have for them. It hurts my heart sometimes with the amount of love i have for them. Elle is 4 and Mia will be 2 at the end of March. They are both funny characters and have me laughing all day long. Elle is very imaginative but very stubborn and fiesty! Mia is a class clown. She is always doing silly things to make everyone laugh but she clings to me all the time and wants to be attached to me all the time. I don't mind really but it means housework doesnt really get completed.
Things that heal me. I like to write. I write fairytales and little poems that help me work out my own thoughts. I am a deep thinker so anything that can distract me from my own thoughts is a good thing. I think this may be why i am so creative. I dab in and out of different hobbies such as baking, sewing, knitting and dressmaking.

What i find beautiful. I have a love for forests and rivers. I love walking around in nature and taking in everything. I get a lot of my inspiration from dreamy places or just a tree that the light hits perfectly. I am always finding little parts of nature that people walk past everyday and don't "see". My heart will always flutter at bluebell forests. Carpets and carpets of the most perfect little flower.
I live in England, I live right in the middle of a town centre but i dream of the countryside and owning ducks and chickens. I have a wonderful abbey and lake by my house that i would recommend called Delapre Abbey. It is where most of my photographs are taken.


  1. Such a beautiful post and such a wonderful blog. Take a peek at my post on my blog about the Liebster Award. I have nominated you ;) xxx