Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tea Ceremony | Forest Tea

Recently I purchased Forest Tea from the lovely Briar of Marble & Milkweed (who I interviewed a while back) I asked her which tea would be more suitable for fairies, and it was between her Rose and Chamomile Tea and the aforementioned. Being a lover of the forest & all things woodland, this seemed a perfect match!

Forest tea contains: organic heirloom pu-erh, organic lapsing souchong, organic blackberry leaves, organic violet leaves, wild-harvested douglas fir tips, and organic blue cornflowers. Naturally I tried to save this tea until Fall but, I failed. But I'm glad i did because this is a very enjoyable, earthy tea. I believe it would make a great tea for camping in the outdoors, or while reading a fine novel on a crisp Autumn day.

Purchase: Forest Tea // Tea Steeper


marble & milkweed forest tea

marble & milkweed forest tea



  1. Sounds delicious! And it makes me miss my tea collection. All those bags of rose petals, chamomile, lavender. *le sigh*

  2. Tea for fairies! Such a great little post, think I'll go and watch Fairytale and drink more tea right now :)