Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Interview / Courtney Townsend

I met Courtney Townsend several years ago, mostly through networking and fell in love with her photography. She's a Canadian based artist who has a penchant for horses, the wild, and raw (sur)reality. A few months ago I purchased a print of hers which hangs in my bedroom, a reminder of how inspiring and beautiful nature is, and why we should never forget that. Its (still is) an amazing journey to see her blossom. Please check out Courtney's flickr and carbon made portfolio
  • Hello my name is Courtney Townsend. I am a mother and a photographer. I also work with people on the street who are struggling with addiction. It seems to be a fine balance making it all work, however each part seems perfect and compliments the other...

    My creative process evolved from a deep longing to express everything that was inside me....photography became the outlet...as opposed to being reckless,being self destructive...speeding and screaming..which I still find myself doing ha...I feel very very grateful that I have it in my life and that Iam able to use it in a way that works for me, and that hopefully can inspire and connect, art truly does save and heal.


    My inspiration derives from: nature, nightmares, dreams too....the mystery of life..all the unknown....the spirit in everything.I want to offer people a world they dont normally see.

    My Lifestyle is : busy, alternative, day by day.

    5 Things that Heal me: the country, my son, music, best friends, horses.

    I've traveled, my favorite places were: Tel Aviv, New York City, Saskatchewan, Straight of Georgia Coast/Pacific Rim (Vancouver Island), Montana.


    Where do you want to explore/travel? I would like to explore the whole world..I really would...so much to absorb and experience...ah! But what calls to me the most is India, Ireland, California and Louisiana.
    I live in the busy, repressed city of Calgary, but its home..I guess, and I recommend to get the hell out of this city and explore the country around it, which is truly magical.

    People who have inspire/d me - My best friends...they shock, inspire and blow my mind all the time...I dont know how I would be me without them...or where I would be....we are truly connected by soul...and that great mystery of life again..which we seem to understand but somehow cant explain, but in the moments we share together....My son inspires me and pushes me. He constantly demands that I be the best me...that I rise above whatever bullshit is happening and just be present with him...just be a child myself...just have fun with him. He is the best teacher I could possibly ask for spiritually....driving down the highway with music and feeling infinite for a few moments is a big part of me too. Other artists that inspire me are Shelby Lee Adams, Sally Mann, Jock Sturges, Sarah Moon, Francesca Woodman and too many musicians to list


    In 5 years I want to: Be significantly more established in my art, living in a trailer in the desert and riding horses everyday...

    One piece of advice: Nature is waiting, full of experience and multitudes, but it takes someone who is willing to hunt within the wild landscape. BE BOLD AND MIGHTY FORCES WILL COME TO YOUR AID. The lessons and reminders of nature and her creatures interest me. I believe my photographs are most successful when they show beauty but also evoke a sense of wonder and mysteriousness. I want my photographs to offer people a world they don't normally see.....

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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Gratitude Sunday

Unraveling yarn, very tediously...but enjoying lace-knitting
& really finding my voice so to speak with what I want to create
Painting &
Spending way too many hours looking at vintage dresses
Packaging and mailing off orders + coffee runs
Dreaming about quilts and clouds and mint bikes
Lunch dates with my mum at Whole Foods Market + Follow Your Heart
Midnight bubble-baths with honey beeswax candles
Writing everything down, inspiration wise...and pinning
Lazy dawn mornings
Rose vanilla and Jasmine candles..
Healing / Birthdays with beautiful friends & family.
Updated my shop!

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